Aspiration and Wellbeing

Sitting in on the Aspiration and Wellbeing table in World Cafe Session 3…..

13 questions form part of the framing for this topic including areas such as;

  • What are the ways different type of networks connect and influence people, both positively and negatively?
  • What are the barriers to aspiration?
  • What are the factors which give people the capacity to make positive choices?

Some Facts

In 2009 a survey found that 5 – 11 year olds top choice of jobs were popstar, actor or footballer compared with teacher, banker and doctor 25 years ago,

High aspirations are not always about good exam results and going to university, many young people wanted to follow the life and career choices of the people around them. In some cases, their awareness of options appeared to be limited by lack of diverse role models.

The Conversation

Do peoples aspirations effect their well being  and adversely impact their ability to be prosperous-  if people have aspirations of being “better” are the embarrassed to be seen in job centres?

One point made – We shouldn’t become “Disney –  reach for your dreams and you’ll get there” – we should educate the difference between dreams and achievable aims. Realism should win out.

The response – Should we let them dream but also educate to have plan B, dreaming mixed with realism not to kill ambition.

Is the media responsible for skewing our aspirations?

Is aspiration directly linked to hope? Does lack of opportunity kill hope and lower our aspirations so we look for the unrealistic and unachievable so not to lose hope?

How can we give people REAL choice and control to raise aspirations to give people hope?

Your parenting, education and peer groups  has a direct impact on aspiration –  some people from multi generational unemployed aspiration is to get pregnant to the get a council flat, other from a working family and maybe higher achievers aspire to be “better”.

We need to look at where we get our values from.

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