Aspiration and wellbeing group talking about barriers to achieving aspiration, and how w e make things more accessible to different groups.  We need to make communities are mixed together.  In cities this doesn’t happen things are not cohesive.  In the city rich people live with their peers, and the poorer people remain in poorer areas.  Our aspirations as a city are also affected by poor reputation, we need to sell our strengths and celebrate our city.

Income inequality affects aspiration, quality of life and aspiration is damaged by inequality.  A young person with not many opportunities is affected by seeing capitalism all around advertising boards etc.

Families need to aspire not just children in order for this to be passed to children.

Research has shown that our global competitors have a national investment bank.  We need long term investment.

Its up to individuals to work towards their aspirations rather than expecting others to do it for him

The group then discussed some good practice examples

Future Jobs Fund worked extremely well, encouraging people to do well.  Managers who thought twice about taking on people but 75% of employees were kept on after the scheme.

Should have been more older people on FJF scheme.  It should be re introduced people received a real wage, people felt valued and motivated.  Employers were happy so it worked both ways

In Castle Vale neighbourhood improvement raised aspiration and quality of life.  It gives people a part to play in improving their community.  Good quality of housing etc. improves wellbeing.  Urban regeneration is needed at the same time as economic regeneration which is no good on its own.

Community scale economics are key. Providing what communities want locally and devolved budgets.

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