Mike Royal’s table in Cafe Session 4

There are huge questions being asked today and it’s really difficult to get at simple answers. The benefit of running the event as a World Cafe is that the answers are emerging throughout the day through conversation – it’s not just what ends up on the flipcharts, it’s the thinking and learning that everyone is doing by listening and contributing at each table.

I’ve been sitting with Mike Royal for most of the morning and he’s scribbled over flipchart after flipchart. I hope he can make some sense of it.

My summary view of what’s been important and coming up repeatedly (beware this will be partial and subject to my listening biases) is:

* there should be better ways of involving young people in these sorts of consultations
* it’s difficult to know what to tell young people because adults are uncertain of the future themselves
* it’s tempting to keep going back, intervening earlier and earlier, but where do you start? with parents to be – who might well be young people themselves
* dealing with young people is seen as difficult, adults can’t win, kids can’t win
* for some people encouraging entrepreneurship and particularly social entrepreneurship is the key, not waiting for someone to give you a job
* people need support in being parents and there’s little support in helping people to learn how to make decisions for their children, like which school to go to
* many people think that young people are most motivated by celebrity and X-factor
* there’s confusion among some people here about what young people use social media for and how adults can engage with them there.


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