The final think-tank team

The table is full as we make room to fit everyone in

Carole reiterates the framing question yet again. Posits are share around wrappers are pulled and bitten. Carole and take a deep breath in the short lull that follows.

Some plunge right into the task while others bite their pen in pensive mood while studying the question.

We are losing resources, Connections, Business Link, how to we engage people now they have gone.

There are skill deficits in those coming out of prison they are not ready to go into work. They are not work ready.

There is a gap. How do we get people work ready?

Jericho cited as organization suffering from deficit. The previously had £1m from Gov to get people into work now they only have a few thousand.

10000 opportunites arises again.

Need clearly strategy around cared for children, mentoring, job skills, need to create a clear strategy.

Troubled families initiatives need to be taken into account.

Real Deal initiative people with mental health issues, actively seeking employers to take these people on. Seeking companies with positive discrimination in this area.

Self-employment helping people learn how to engage in this way.

The hierarchy of jobs, rather be unemployed that work for MacDonalds. Some jobs are valued much more than others by our society. Vocational education is valuable as much of value as a University degree.

Culture acceptance of failure we need to create this mind-set.Most entrepreneurs fail several times before they succeed.

Old boy networks still have an impact on recruitment policy.

People want to recruit people they know and trust.

People get lost in the system as programmes come and go. (Connections cited again.)

A lot of our models tend to be short term rather than long term.

We need to create positive vision for young people.

There is a lot of negativity about young people and it has a impact

Many young people would rather spend a week doing nothing in the school library rather than work in MacDonlads.

The tradition of fathers handing skills down to sons – does this still happen?

Back to the postit notes.

‘Corporate Social Responsibilty for the Undeserving’ a paper by Carole.

The final whistle blows. The morning’s World Cafe session has come to an end.

Groups form and people stand and talk. Discussion erupts on passionate topics. Hands gesture wildly to emphasize key themes in the arguments.

In dribs-and-drabs they drain out of the room, onward to the final plenary session.

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