The forth batch

New faces look up eagerly as Carole outlines the questions. We are joined by the Bishop.

Have and have-nots: when services go the have-nots loose out and perpetuates the perceptions of the have nots.

Critical thinking should be part of all education programmes.

Germany have well respected apprenticeship route in their society.

Need to start Blue Sky thinking in primary school.

People need to learn basic skills on how to work, how to get there on time get up early etc. use a phone, need to learn ‘work skill’.

Young folk wont take work in McDonalds because their mates will laugh at them so need to take account of peer pressure.

Being unemployed is the norm. There is no stigma attached to being unemployed.

There is class system in regard to  the type of job you get.

We need to take a long term view and put plans in place for the longer term. We need to take a long term perspective on social life not changing it every four years.

We have families where generations have never worked so basic work skills have never been transmitted.

Most jobs in UK are in SME 99% and 50% of population work in SMEs.

We need to encourage young people to be more entrepreneurial. (10000 opportunities mentioned again.).

One billion taken out of funding to charity organizations.

Provide skills sets which enable people to fund-raise.

Older people are also excluded from employment too.

We need to encourage people to be able to thing for themselves.

Postit time arriives and the flurry of pens flash in the bright sunlight now gracing the sky as the earlier mist has burned away.

The whistle e has gone and heels rise moving off down the room …

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