The second batch

New delegates arrived.

The framing question reiterated.

Delegates more relaxed this time, flopping lazily over chairs, munching on the provided fruit.

Postit time, as they download their thoughts onto the bright pink rectangles recipients of their wisdom.

Verbal introductions are made.

Neighbourhood areas have had same unemployment levels for last 50 years. We have seen economic improvement in the city centre. Why have areas adjacent to the city centre not seen this spilling over into them?

Tried and tested networks don’t work.  We need to use social networks/media needed to contact youth nowadays.

How do you raise young peoples aspirations? Young people want to hear good news!

We have external bodies who should be engaging with young people but they cherry pick the best people only to get paid for good results.

Envision and Birmingham Leadership initiatives to help young people to improve their lives.

The issue of Tesco’s using free labour comes up.

Need to engage the community to make solutions their own.

Micro finance could help kick start new businesses.

Where are other good examples like Acme Whistles?

Make the exception the norm.

One of the conditions of getting a loan should be the need to create jobs locally.

Pre-planning agendas should be asking what labour force are you looking for? Wokrers on new developments are often brought into the city.

The whistle blows! A cutting interruption.

They reluctantly move on.

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