The Third team arrives

Introductions are made as fresh new faces arrive we then realise they all know each other as they have been moving as a group.

Heads-down as thoughts are translated onto postits.

Flashlights explode as out table is discovered by the roving photographer.

“Do people really want to engage with this issue of economic inclusion? Do they want to be part of the economic life.

We really need to find ways to engage with people have become disengaged. Do they know how to engage.

Graduates cannot find work.

We live in a capitalist society so that is why emphasis is put on graduate results.

Can we ask Government to hand money to us to use locally?  With national schemes (e.g. Work Programme) we have seen a level of corruption creep in to some of the current providers.

Apprenticeships needs to be more accessible. More support to Social Enterprises. Local colleges have specific rules (i.,e regular attendance) so some client groups are unable to engage with this.

How do we understand what local people want and need instead of imposing top down solutions?

Employment gets missed out of neighbourhood budgets initiatives. They tend to go for clean and green, safety etc.

Those who have engages in alcohol and substance abuse but who have turned their lives around still suffer from the old stigma of their fomer habits when looking for work.

The shrill sound of the high pitched whistle encourages mutters of goodbye…

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