Travel to work, mentoring and codesign

Some more notes from the Diversity and Place discussions.

Perception and reality of travel to work. Some people may feel they can’t physically get to where the jobs are. For example, imagine a job at the National Exhibition Centre and a job seeker in Shard End. This would mean travelling into the city and out again.

Washwood Heath – mention of some people not wanting to get on the bus to travel to work; wanting to work within Washwood Heath.

Mention of London Stansted Airport putting on transport for new workers, which helped residents in Haringey and Enfield access new jobs at the airport. There was a scheme in Shard End, Birmingham that wasn’t taken up.

Trying something new. Complementing Jobcentre Plus and skills agency programmes by being much more human.

Mentoring and codesign (there was a project in Handsworth?)

Not leaving it up to the bureaucratic government agencies to deliver the service. Codesign with people working embedded in those communities who know the residents well, know the aspirations of young people there and know how to encourage the young people. Young people feel they are backed by someone, that someone looking out for them. Those leading the service are empowered to make it work – they are almost parenting the young people they are mentoring. If a person doesn’t turn up for work or a class, the mentor visits their house and knocks on the window!

If the employer believed that a new process will work for them, they will make it work and offer schemes. For example, there was a deal between a car plant and residents in Castle Vale where the employer offered training and transport and worked with a community association. Managed in a non-bureacratic way.

Is there something about neighbourhood mentoring?

First intervention on school attendance. Zero tolerance on truancy from school. Enforces basic discipline, attitude and respect – the basic skills that are needed for getting and keeping a job.

Targeting neighbourhoods where the bad habits are ingrained, need to work there and give them the help to help the community help itself. New scheme working with troubled families is relevant.

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