Why are we here?

I am here in World Cafe session 4 sitting with Table Host, Carole Parkes, from Aston Business School Birds are twittering (not  a hash tag in sight!) outside in the foggy air as delegates fill up the seats to discuss the serious question  of how Birmingham Citizens can connect and engage with the economic life of the City? This is the first of four table discussions on this topic.

The framing question for this Key Line of Enquiry (KLOE) is How can we change the way our citizens are connected into the economic life of Birmingham so that everyone has opportunity to benefit from its growth and prosperity as the city becomes more successful and competitive?

The first whistle has gone we’re off! Inclusive Growth.

Delegates are writing their responses to the framing questions.

They have gone vocal:- ”

Ask local companies to provide opportunities for apprenticeships for young people. Do young people know how to exploit such opportunities. Do this through schools.

Build strong relationships between schools and businesses. Facilitation has fallen away of later.

SME businesses need to be more engaged. There is a lack of acceptance of their Social responsibility by SMEs. How do they engage with the real needs in the city not just their own favourite charities.

Need to encourage young people to become entrepreneurs. New campaign called 10000 opportunities set up to help this.

Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) has a key role to play in answering this question.

Perception of City crucial in this issues. Aston Uni intake went down after Ashton shoot.

Creation of new Youth Hub by Job Centre Plus to attract and engage young people.

Outreach is important. How do we engage families.

Key points summed up. Link up schools and businesses and SMEs plus 3rd sector.

Who can co-ordiate this? – Efforts by Connections have been disappointing.

We need facilitation – skills and hope for young people.

The new youth hub provided by JCP.

More scribbling taking place on post-its as time is running out.

The whistle blows delegates move on…











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