Birmingham Swap Shop – a different kind of summit?

Some of you may have attended the Fair Brum Summit, It was an event held recently  to kick start the Social Inclusion Process here in Birmingham, looking at ways to improve a lot of things in our city. To summarise, it was a conference where people were invited along to share opinions on our Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOE). People came together to share ideas around the Diversity of People and Places, Inclusive Growth, Wellbeing and Aspiration and Young People  to help shape the direction the whole process will take.

If you weren’t there we talked about it a on on (link) twitter in the day, and you can read the previous posts for an overview of the conversations that took place. A lot of interesting points were made and were all fed back at an internal meeting with the FairBrum team to shape the way forward.

However, while the internal meetings were taking place it was bought to our attention via the  #FairBrum tag  that there may be a really interesting way for us to move forwards so at the next event we don’t just talk about doing things but we make things happen.

A Swap Shop.

You can read more about the idea on the BrumSwapShop website but it is the brain child of Andrew John who likens the concept to the 70’s TV show of the same name. Simply put you bring something to the conference that you can exchange with other delegates. He says;

To give you an example you may have a training course with a spare place you could offer to another organisation or service user, you may be running a trip somewhere with a couple of spare seats on the bus whatever. Big or small is not important but what we can achieve could be both interesting and beneficial.

I am not proposing anything very formal and I am not saying we meet up to sign contracts or agree working arrangements this is merely a simple opportunity to change something for somebody.

Andrew is running a poll to gather response to this idea but we’d be interested to hear your thoughts too. What do you think? Is this an interesting way to get practical? And would you attend a summit where you knew you’d be taking away something more than just ideas?

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  1. Thanks for putting this out there for discussion, although this idea is simple I think it’s very doable and hopefully would lead to better connections between organisations for the benefit of others.
    Please drop me a mail or vote on the poll and I’ll let you know if there is a consensus that this could be a goer


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