The work starts now!

It was hard we work but we feel the Social Inclusion process summit was a massive success!  Its a challenging agenda but we feel that the event really enabled us to kick the process off in productive way.

For those who didn’t or couldn’t make it the summit was attended by over 150 people from the public, private, voluntary and faith sectors.  The overall purpose of the summit was to inform partners about the process – why we are doing it, what we hope to achieve and how people can get involved.

Other outputs of the session included:

  • Testing out the framing questions for each key line of enquiry
  • Wider contribution to the stakeholder mapping work
  • Gaining support in identifying examples of good practice that could help inform the process
  • Involving individuals, groups and organisations in the process by encouraging tangible offers of help

Now the summit is over the hard work now begins!

As you can see from various pictures and posts on this blog the summit means that we got lots of feedback which we need to quickly digest.  Teams have now been formed around each KLOE and plans are now being formulated to take forward engagement activity over the next couple of months.

We have also had lots and lots of practical offers of help to move things forward. Around 60 people make over 150 different pledges at the summit to help with the process, so the team will be contacting those that pledged to hold you to them!

Will be back very soon with a summary of the some of the main discussions

We still want to hear from you!  Can you help?

We are still looking for practical ways of supporting this work. This could include: hosting a dedicated local event; running a focus group; helping to involve the process in a local community event; or being part of a reference group.

Contact us through this blog  through our twitter @fairbrum and @bebirmingham (remember to use  #fairbrum !!) or Email us

We need to make a difference in Birmingham, and we can only build an open and honest process by involving our magnificant residents.

Get in touch!

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