Time To Draw A Line In The Sand brap’s New Research into Birmingham’s Youth

As we’ve blogged previously on Monday 21st May brap will be holding an event at Fazeley Studios in Digbeth discussing their research into Birmingham’s youth.

brap is a think fair tank, inspiring and leading change to make public, private, and community sector organisations fit for the needs of a diverse society.

Over the last few years they’ve engaged with thousands of young people across 25 different agencies, delivering innovative and participative learning and development sessions which explore issues such as racism, combating religious and cultural intolerance, conflict resolution, and individual and collective rights and entitlements. Read more here.

This event will explore some of the stubborn statistics we have become used to seeing over the last two decades

It brings together expert speakers to debate the opportunities that are created in our city for BME communities. It will focus primarily on theories of change – the things we are doing to deliver positive benefits, and what really works.

The speakers are:

Professor David Gillborn, Institute of Education, University of London
Raja Miah MBE, founder of Peacemakers and Director of Rise 2010
Wade Lyn, Managing Director, Cleone Foods

The event will also feature of panel of expert young people from a range of fields who will add their views and perspectives on how Birmingham can change for the better.

We will be there coving the event live on our blog, on twitter and hopefully if time will allow capturing some of the speakers and attendees on camera to share with you.

If you are gong to be attending the event don’t forget to share your views with us on twitter using the #fairbrum tag and you can also add your thought in the comments below.

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