A Line in the Sand – responses to the survey

500 young people were asked questions about education, employment and inclusion and it has thrown up some interesting points;

  • A lot felt that individuality was not encouraged and dreams and aspirations were to be left at the door
  • Some felt that current employment opportunities gave you nothing to work towards there was no room for growth.
  • 50% of the people who dropped out of education or training did so because of financial reasons but 32% said they would have continued if they had the support of someone who believed in them.
  • Young peoples self esteem plays a huge role when looking at those in employment – a constant barrage of negativity towards youths is detrimental to young peoples wellbeing.
  • Respect – some young people felt that respect often wasn’t a mutual thing. They we expected to respect employers but that wasn’t returned, or earned.
  • BME young people felt that opportunities weren’t available to them
  • Some young people felt that there wasn’t enough information about the support and opportunities that were available – they we’re missing out just because they didn’t know what was there

So what should we do about this? – It will be discussed at the open panel session….

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