Dreadlock Alien introduces the brap: Line in the Sand event

Dreadlock Alien

Compared and opened by Dreadlock Alien (Richard Grant) former poet laurete the hip hop infused poet,   the tone early on at the Line in the Sand event. Opening with the poem I am Whatever Colour You See the key line is inclusion

Speakers for the day include;

David Gillborn currently of the Institute of Education, University of London and from August 2012 will become Professor of Critical Race Studies at the University of Birmingham.

Raja Miah MBE Founder of Peacemakers and Director of RISE  – building resilience in communities, protecting people from exploitation and extremists.

Wade Lyn CEO of Island Delights local business man – who works with communities, employing locally and encourages enterprise in communities.

Other guest are include;

Daljit Blagun recent graduate in Business Management from Coventry University and volunteer with Caving Careers, a CIC which helps graduates and the unemployed find paid work and experience.

Jordan Garvey a long time volunteer with Oxfam and brap  and sitting on the board of Living Rhythms, Jordan ins committed to improving the lives of people in her local community.

City Year – a movement for social change that is rapidly becoming London’s leadiing youth and education charity.

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