Panel Discussion – inequality of opportunity is it race or “class” that’s the issue?

Question from the floor to David and Raja – Despite all the stats is poverty of oppurtunity more about class than ethnicity?

David:  No, class is is hugely important as is disability, as is gender as is age. – Stats can be read in many ways when looking at different stats some groups disappear – Class is hugely important but it deosn explain other inequaltes we have to look at how all these different thing intersect.

We should avoid “inequality olympics” no one form of inequality shoudl be pitched as being worse than another. If we only focus on class we can actually make other problems worse.

Raja: I remember when class was first introduced into the race debate – it was just used as another measure to divide us, from my own experiences we differentiate white people by class but there seems to be a different measuring stick for BME groups so they are different issues.

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