Raja Miah (MBE) talks Employment and BME young people

Last time Raja spoke at an event similar to this he got the overwhelming feeling most of the people in the room were thinking – “here’s another black guy talking about race”  – With one person commenting  “Race isn’t an issue anymore” but it is – it’s time to acknowledge the elephant in the room.

Race issues are historically grounded it is used to exploit and divide communities – it is not just a white and black issue and is also between different BME groups.

Young people feel the divide of racial issues more than the older age groups who have “learned to live with it”. It’s a look in the eye or a perceived judgement when you walk into a room and if it’s not a race issue then why is there a larger percentage of BME unemployed, and LONG term unemployed.

We’re all in this together?

To tackle the issue of race relations we need to look at students, parents, employers, teachers and ourselves. working together we need to enable people. We need to put networks in place that educate everyone to all the opportunities that are open to them and to recognise the skills that they have to get them into employment.

We shouldn’t need to prepare young people to “deal with racism” but we should;

  • Prepare young people more effectively
  • Involve Parents
  • Transform our support agencies
  • Make it easier for employers to get involved
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