Wade Lyn CEO of Island Delights talks Enterprise and BME young people

The way out of poverty is through education – if you feel we’re disadvantaged here you should go to Jamaica and see how they are living there.  People in the UK don’t realise what they have and young people should experience what real disadvantage is.  But the subject of advantage vs disadvantage doesn’t take away from the real discrimination that we experience here.

However talking from the perspective as a business owner he uses “colour” or “minorities  to his advantage;

We use cultural differences to support our business – “Muslims” take Eid off and the “Christians” work and at Christmas the Muslims work while the Christians celebrate their holiday – employing a diverse array of cultures is advantageous for our business – we support each others needs and beliefs and I as a business owner I win all round.

When employing I have to try and  “positively discriminate” to make sure I have work force that represents the community  – BUT sometimes that not possible – if the “right ethnic” candidate doesn’t apply for the job I can’t wait for the perfect person to apply – I employ who’s best for the job – but that sometimes leads to having an under represented minority in the work force.

We go further than just employing minorities we give all groups opportunities and try to raise aspirations, In my work place we give internet access to our entire work force and offer maths, English and IT courses for employees to help people to help improve themselves. I have people join work with us for a few years improve their prospects and move on  – and that’s OK – all we ask is by helping them they go one and spread the word and help someone else.

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