Does Birmingham have the right ingredients to build successful communities?

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Do we? If we do, what are they? And if we don’t, what can we do about it? Or should we do anything at all?

As part of the Social Inclusion Process we have been looking at learning from elsewhere to challenge views, one of these sources is Future Communities. Their focus looks at creating new communities, but with Birmingham’s rapidly changing population there are new communities being created on a regular basis (see What is Superdiversity?).

Successful communities need to be built in partnership with practitioners but most of all residents are essential in providing the catalyst in maintaining any long term influence and involvement.

Future Communities, echoes this constantly in that, residents bring a place a live and builds its own identity. So what are the key ingredients they have identified that we do automatically as a city?

According to them there are ten key community ingredients:

Residents in control: governance, engagement and accountability
Early engagement of future and existing residents
Facilitating social networks
Choosing a stewardship approach  
Community ownership and management of assets
Maintaining high quality public space
Promoting environmentally friendly behaviours
Achieving good design  
Economic development 
The role of the HCA and other community builders  

If we don’t have the right ingredients, what can we learn from those above? What can implement now to keep up with the challenges of a city that continually transforms itself?

Then again, Birmingham is unique. What other ingredients do we have that no other city could have?

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