Story so far…..!


Its been a busy couple of months… but we thought it was worth doing a stocktake of where we have got to and to call again for people of Birmingham to get involved!

A great deal of you will have attended the Be Birmingham summit in March where we launched Birmingham’s Social Inclusion Process.  The event was a great success and really helped shaped the direction the process has taken since March.

Since March we have made significant progress, and although many of you have been directly involved in the work we feel that is worth updating you on what the process has been doing!

So far we have:

  • Set up a steering group headed by the Bishop of Birmingham and held 5 meetings
  • Established 5 Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOE) with key framing questions
    • Place – How can we maximise the potential of our rapidly changing and diverse population?
    • People – Why are some places more sustainable, connected and socially included than others, and how can those that are worse off be improved?
    • Inclusive Economic Growth – How can everyone share in the city’s growth and prosperity?
    • Wellbeing – How can the wellbeing of the people of Birmingham be improved particularly where wellbeing is lowest
    • Young People – What can we change to better encourage all our young people develop their talents in a positive way
  • Established support team around each KLOE with academic experts from the  University of Birmingham to provide academic rigour to the process
  • Made 15 to 20 visits to different neighbourhoods across the city, engaging with nearly 150 people including residents, practitioners and local Councillors
  • As part of the wellbeing KLOE we have a schedule of visits to 8 community groups that are example of good practice
  • Made visits and held discussions with groups of young people, particularly some of the most disadvantaged
  • Held a number of “evidence” days across the Young People KLOE, hearing evidence off 15 people and organisations
  • Vibrant conversation started on social media

Many of you made “pledges” at the summit to help with the process, and by now members of our team will have made contact with you.

However we still want to hear from you.  We still want you to help shape the process.

You can follow and engage with the debate through this website and through Twitter either follow @fairbrum or use #fairbrum.

Posts are made frequently on the website containing feedback from our engagement activity, as well as blogs from experts and practitioners in the city.   As the final report and recommendations are compiled, they will appear on the website, so people can comment throughout the process.

So please get in touch…this is your opportunity to shape the city

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