Coming at it from different perspective

Which Way

Why is that people can be so desolate and face terrible situations, that when they finally have a glimpse of hope in getting some support, they’re told they’re not desperate enough and don’t fit the criteria!

One of many organisations contributing to the Social Inclusion Process has invited a few select individuals today (Thursday 7 June) to take part in case reviews aimed at challenging and highlighting where things seem to have gone wrong in the system.

Gateway Family Services (Gateway FS), a non-profit organisation uses any surplus monies to invest in the education, employment, health and wellbeing of the communities they work in.

Over the years Gateway FS has supported thousands of individuals and families with around 200 people recruited from all communities.

The aim of the exercise will be to provide first hand experience of only a few individuals’ life journeys. Were they positive or negative ends to their story? Was it the expected route? And if it wasn’t, where did the system go wrong and why it didn’t work for that individual?

How can it be that a line can be drawn, when it’s clear that some individuals and families live in appalling circumstances?

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