Superdiversity is here to stay

Image by Birmingham Mail

Evidence of this can be found in a recent article posted on Birmingham Mail which raises the fact talk needs to stop and more action is needed to deal with the challenges now.

The article recognises the challenges of a multi language school and shares the practical steps taken by English Martyrs’ in Sparkhill, by pairing children with others who speak the same language as a way of introducing them to English.

So what does superdiverstity mean for these 25 young Birmingham people? Imagine if we were able to follow them into the future by 10 or 20 years?

How will this start at a successful school help them into further education and career?

What could we have done to expand our industries? How could we have tapped into the city’s international networks? So in 10 years time, when they’re likely to be 22 years old, what industries would there be for them to move into?

Harnessing the skills and connections that are growing now, will be a challenge if we’re to provide opportunities for them.  So what can we do?

And can we assume that there will be safe green communities for them to live, where they and their families can enjoy living long fulfilling healthy lives? Is that a reality?

Looking at each what do you see? Along side smiles and innocence, there is hope. Hope that what ever their dreams are they should be able to achieve them, but that is based on us here and now to make sure that the mechanisms and support are in place.

We can’t let them down, can we?

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  1. Emb

     /  25th June 2012

    After speaking to two employees from B-Birmingham, last week, I put a suggestion forward on how it is imperative that we implement programs to include our young people into our communities.
    One was to start young, and to gather local children from as young at 6 and 7 years old to educate then about their area, and allow them to take part in local neighbourhood meeting, and start programs where they can take part in anything from cleaning the local park, to planting trees, to helping their local community centre/church hall in setting up events and being part of organising the events. This can give them a sense of pride and may make them more respectable for their community and thier neighbourhoods when they are older which can only help to sustain and improve their local facilties and areas.

    • Thanks for the comment. This has been feed into the process. do you know of anything similar happening at the moment?


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