Building a more inclusive city, Social Inclusion Summit Birmingham

Here we  are at the start of the summit which will examine all the hard work and exploration that has gone on into the Birmingham Social Inclusion Process since  it began in March this year.  Bishop setting the scene and the purpose of the morning.

Lisa Trickett outlining what the Process did. Examination of past policy and impact of future policy (Welfare Reform Act). Rejoicing in the best in Birmingham.

We are not a formal partnership we are people who care. Common body of people who care. We need to embrace the responsibility. Lisa read all the material coming out  of all 5 KLOES.

Very much collaborative action for change.

We cannot have top down change.

Bishop explains this is an opportunity to

Global context but local responsibilities

Need to challenge our own assumptions and comfort zones.

Need to remember our positive assets and working together.

What are our values?

Strong desire to see people do better.


Words to examine in more depth “respect” and “tolerance”.
The Bishop now encouraging people to break up into their KLOE groups to start examining the outcomes so far.

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