Economic Inclusive Growth KLOE

We are now in our KLOE room for Economic Growth.

Lisa Trickett and Margaret Way introducing the key  challenges for this group to address.

We are a large complex diverse, city. We are the size of Iceland or Cyprus. We try and deliver with one policy when we should deliver to needs. Redevelopment in the past, good though it has been, has not changed the social exclusion in areas that were already excluded.

The knowledge economy will not lift this city out of exclusion will not provide jobs for those who need them.

HS2 will not provide jobs for the 1 in 4 young people who are out of work or the over 50 year old women who are not in work.

The conditions in Longbridge are different from those is Sutton.

We need to examine what is happening in different communities. We have a mosaic in the city and need to create a kaleidoscope of opportunity to address this.

Every job is important, every sector is important.

Every job provides a learning opportunity – a learning pathway.

There are many entrepreneurs in the city. Much of the business is one-person run.

How do we build on links between business and schools?

How do we link skills to schools curriculum?

This country needs growth of 2% just to keep pace with young people seeking jobs.  Current growth 0.3%.

We also  need to celebrate our success.

Somali women entrepreneurs mentioned as successful example.



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