Inclusive Economic Growth – focussed discussion

The outcomes of today’s discussion will go towards a published document – we are referring to this as a green paper. This will then be sent out for further consultation.

The room is buzzing with views and ideas. There is no doubt that everyone present is fully and passionately engaged in this debate.

Why are so many people passionately concerned with making life better for others? (It does not occur to anyone to ask this question.)

The room is now split into five tables with a KLOE reference group member on each table. The focus is now on each of the 15 current emerging findings and recommendations, as well as an examination of topics themes and key areas that may have been omitted (dare I say excluded) from the explorations/discussion so far.

Facilitators write rapidly to capture the outpouring of ideas and suggestions. Voices are raised behind me, as a point is forcibly made. The energy in the room is high and everyone seems keen to contribute.  As always, time is working against us. The clock is leading us inexorably towards the plenary session.  Clearly this is yet another beginning, and the discussion will go on long after notes are written up and the green paper is produced.

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