Lisa Trickett – Birmingham Social Inclusion Process

These are just some of the things Lisa Trickett has said in her opening to today’s summit;

“I think it has been on of the most learning processes that we have been part of it in the last 20 – 25 years I have worked in the city. It has been good because the willingness of people to admit where we made mistakes previously to take this process forward.”

“What have we tried to do

  • Understand where we’re at, as a place and as a people
  • Where we’ve come from – how have we come to be here
  • Understand we are not creating jobs fast enough and the strains this has on public services.
  • We have celebrated the city, we’ve celebrated our youth and our diversity
  • We’ve looked at where our strengths are to look at what we can build on.”

“What we’ve ended up with is an understanding that as a city we have massive potential, but we’ve also had a reality check. There are some influences that we can’t control and we need to look at what we can control, what we can influence and what we just have to accept. But equally we need to identify what we will not tolerate in the city, what we can not accept.”

Throughout today we will look at talking through and looking through our findings and priorities, we’re looking to gain a common understanding and a common collective responsibility – formal partnerships don’t fix things but people will – we need to work together to make things better.  We wont end today with the solutions but a framework for us to work from to work together to learn together to make things happen.”

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