Notes from table discussion on future leaders

These are rough notes paraphrased from a table discussion on future leaders of Birmingham.

Mapping – what are the gaps where leaders are not created from marginalised groups (eg women, BME)?

Reforming gang members. Emphasising positive stories such as that of Justice Williams. Entrepreneurship in gang culture.

Onus on Brummies who have already achieved success to mentor young people.

There is already work going on:

Informal networks exist and can drive formal networks.

Feeling is that there are already networks out there, we just need to use them more.

How to get young people to the networks through schools and voluntary organisations.

Barriers to engagement

Getting public services, businesses, voluntary sector to engage – can’t just be council alone.


Where are the future leaders here at the event today? This would have been a great opportunity to welcome them. At the next summit we shouldn’t have to ask that question; it should have just happened.

Incredibly difficult for young person to be a city councillor because the salary doesn’t justify the work. Increasing councillors’ pay isn’t going to be popular but could there be a dispensation for young councillors?

Local Enterprise Partnerships – can they play a role in helping young leaders to emerge?

Proud – creating a city that people will be proud of and will want to represent.

Challenging – creating a space in which people can challenge and ask questions.

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