Wellbeing – Table discussion and workshop at the Social Inclusion Process Birmingham

The aim of the discussions is to discuss the outcomes and the expectations that have been worked out based on the evidence gathered during the social inclusion process, the table I am sitting on is looking at the outcomes for “Wellbeing”

The wellbeing of a city is the responsibility of everyone examples:

Care of children: Every adult a child comes into contact with can shape a child’s wellbeing – we shouldn’t just defer to people of supposed authority i.e. teachers, social workers etc, Every adult should set an example and be responsible.

Dementia: We should identify problems early on to help with early intervention, if people who came into contact with recognised vulnerable adults and had better links with services this could work better, i.e. banks if there is unusual activity on elderly persons accounts could this be a trigger to look if there needs to be extra support.



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