Why is Wellbeing important

Some notes from the tables conversations going on around the KLOE wellbeing

  • Why is Wellbing important because Wellbeing can be a measure of health and prosperity.
  • We need to move away from short term quick fixes
  • Social Workers and carers need to be treated as professionals. Introduce it as a career choice instead of just job to pay the bills – it will improve care and the wellbeing of the vulnerable
  • We should talk to young people and find out what they think old age should be like  and introduce them to the realities, particularly around health issues, would young people smoke if the actually saw the reality of emphysema by working with people with the issues.
  • We could look at package deals for holistic care for employees.
  • We should work with children as young as 9 & 10 to promote empathy to improve the wellbeing of each other in schools.
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