The Social Inclusion Green Paper consultation is launched!

Today sees the launch of the Social Inclusion Green Paper.

You can download the document here

Over the past few months the Social Inclusion Process has held conversations across the city to gather ideas about how Birmingham might tackle its most disadvantaged communities and neighbourhoods.

The aims to raise local people’s aspirations and bring lasting change to the quality of their lives.

This Green Paper sets the scene by describing Birmingham’s challenges, and explaining how five key lines of enquiry (KLOE) were established on the themes of: Place, People, Wellbeing, Inclusive Economic Growth and Young People.  Its is a document designed for comment and will be updated and shaped by contributions from you and your organisations.

The findings of these KLOE groups are reported in the first part of the report, and it is this work that has resulted in seven commitments to social inclusion, with detailed recommendations underpinning each one.

The resulting commitments are to:

  1. Commitment 1: Support families and children out of poverty
  2. Commitment 2: Embrace super-diversity
  3. Commitment 3: Protect the most vulnerable
  4. Commitment 4: Connect people and place together
  5. Commitment 5: Create a city that values children and young people
  6. Commitment 6: Empower people to shape their neighbourhood
  7. Commitment 7: Address safety, isolation and loneliness
  8. Recommendations are also made for the cultural change that organisations, voluntary and community groups and individuals need to adopt in order to deliver the social inclusion vision.

We now want to hear off YOU.

We haven’t talked to everyone, and every organisation and we are now calling for more comment, new ideas and further pledges from individuals and organisations across the city.

  • How can you help turn these ideas into action?
  • Do the recommendations cover the right things? 
  • Is there anything significant that has been missed? 
  • Do you or your organisation have any examples of best practice related to any of the commitments or recommendations that you would like to share? 

You can respond in a number of ways.

  • Write to:
  • Jackie Mould
  • Giving Hope Changing Lives
  • PO Box 16253
  • B2 2WS
  • Via Twitter @fairbrum or use #fairbrum
  • Telephone the Partnership Team on 0121 675 3499

We look forward to hearing from you.

Closing date for comments:  Monday 5th November 2012

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