Does your organisation already help reduce exclusion in Brum?

We want to hear about how your organisation contributes to Social Inclusion in Birmingham

Last week we launched our Green Paper on Social Inclusion with the purpose of making recommendations to organisations across the city (including the City Council) on how to reduce exclusion and inequality of provision across the city.

We are now seeking peoples views on these recommendations.

A major part of this exercise is to try and build an understanding about what is already going on in the city.  As we have undertaken this process, one of the big things we have realised is just how poor the collective memory of the city is.  We don’t learn from what works (or what doesn’t) or try to scale up successful small projects.  In addition it maybe the case that there already many organisations and individuals who are already doing things related to the recommendations that are outlined in the green paper.  Its just that they do not have a voice.

We want to change this.  We want to build up a database and establish a network of organisations in Birmingham who directly undertake work  relating to social inclusion.  Therefore we are looking for organisations to go onto our consultation portal, look at the recommendations and fill in details about what the they do.

If you click on any recommendation you will see a similar page to the image on the right.  By clicking on the big green button you can let us know about your organisation  and it will be added to our network.

This is an opportunity for us to share learning  and understanding, and hear great practice from across the city.

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