Is the economic activity and community life in Balsall Heath, Castle Vale, Sparkbrook, and Sutton Coldfield really different in any meaningful way?

As part of the Social Inclusion Process the Inclusive Economic Growth Key Line of Enquiry (KLOE) reference group came up with several recommendations which have been incorporated into the Green Paper under Commitment one: Support families and children out of poverty.

It was argued that different parts of the city had different approaches to community and economic development (were in fact different ‘locales’) and that this fact not only needed to be recognised, but should be built upon. This ‘locale’ approach would ensure that investment, infrastructure development and the way the community operated in that locality would be incorporated into any development plans and policies to ensure they were the best possible match for that area. (Green Paper – 1.2 Develop an approach to “locales”.)


This is a very important new approach to community and economic development but is it true? Do you think the economic activity in Castle Vale is different from that undertaken in Balsall Heath? Do the residents of Sparkbrook engage in economic activity so different from those in Sutton Coldfield?

Sutton Coldfield

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