Transport shouldn’t be a flight of fancy

Flying Tram

Being able to get around the city is important, right? But startling findings during the Social Inclusion Process have made it clear that the cost of public transportation is a significant barrier for many moving around the city.

Commitment four of the Social Inclusion Process Green Paper makes the recommendation that a targeted reduction in the cost and access to safe transport is needed (recommendation 4.1) to overcome the feeling of being marooned.

As it stands many people are disconnected from the city centre and mainstream economic, educational and cultural opportunities.

Residents in Welsh House Farm told how they felt about not being part of the city: “I think we are our own tiny little place – we don’t connect to the city centre – it’s £8 for a Family day Saver into town on the bus – before you’ve started its cost you £8 to get to the city. 

Everything is just much more expensive.  The city has set itself up in a way that excludes the people from the outlying estates – they don’t want people like us to be there.  So we can’t afford to have connection with the city”.

Even accessing to services can be an onerous task as one resident in Castle Vale pointed out: “Erdington nearest job centre – far too far away” another resident interjected “have you ever been? I felt very scared going thee with some people squaring up to the security guards – very scary.”

What next? Public transport providers, colleges, schools and the city council need to explore reduce transportations cost for targeted groups; particularly for young people and families.

Safer cycling routes and more support needs to be given to community transport initiatives to help some areas of the city to access jobs and services.

Here’s your chance to contribute before Monday 5th November 2012.

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