Integrated Employment and Skills in the City

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In the Green Paper,  recommendation 1.7 proposes that we ought to develop an integrated employment and skills approach for Birmingham. It also suggests that the Birmingham Employment and Skills Board should be asked to lead on developing this  integrated employment and skills approach.

Geoff Hyde, Executive Employment and Skills Project Manager for the Board, has kindly provided some information on the Board and how they are endeavouring to develop such an approach:-

Birmingham Employment and Skills Board

The Birmingham Employment and Skills Board is a group of local business people who are employers and work as a “think tank” for the development of skills for Employment in the City.

The Board has put together a priorities statement based around some local research.  It has identified six priorities for people and business in the City.  These priorities will be delivered in partnership with skills providers and employers along with other stakeholders in the City.  The Board is working with other Employment and Skills Boards across the Greater Birmingham LEP to deliver some common aims and skills and employment challenges.  The Birmingham priorities are picked up by the wider LEP stakeholders and will form part of a Greater Birmingham Plan in the future.  The six priorities are supported by on-going task groups of business people and delivery agents are part of these groups to ensure this is embedded into delivery plans.  The six priorities are:

1. Develop a shared understanding of current and future economic needs
2. To take a joint employer and provider led approach to planning courses, qualifications,  employability skills and the wider school curriculum
3. To engage with and influence young people through schools (before young people choose their options), colleges and universities
4. To provide the right information, advice and guidance to people of all ages that effectively responds to changes within businesses and the economy
5. To clearly articulate the core employability skills required to enter the workforce and support providers in embedding these skills and an understanding of the workplace in the learning experience.
6. To focus skills development on apprenticeships and higher level skills, particularly higher level apprenticeships and the pathways to level 4 and above.

An extra focus for the Board has been the involvement in the UK Skills show to be held at the NEC in Birmingham in November (15th, 16th 17th).  This gives an opportunity for all ages of people to see a large number of career options for people.

The other major development that the Board wishes to achieve is a Birmingham Employment and Skills Hub where information on jobs and skills can be held and act as a repository for anything an individual may need for advice and guidance.  Or at least be pointed to the correct place for that advice.

To make a comment or observation to the Employment and Skills Board, or on ways to implement recommendation 1.7  please  click on the link.

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