Super-Diversity is here to stay


Attending last nights Super-diversity lecture by Professor Steven Vertovec, was timely, as it falls in line with comments being gathered during the Social Inclusion Process Green paper as almost hundred delegates listened to the hour long lecture at the University of Birmingham.

Whilst working at University Warwick, Steven said it was clear that in the early 1990’s most of the migrants moving into the UK were from the commonwealth. Then as the decade moved on smaller groups of communities were coming from non traditional countries.

With changing migration channels and legal status’ across the globe, this has provided people with the opportunity to move who wouldn’t normally into countries outside of their expectation.

Adoption of Super-Diversity in policy

In establishing the term of super-diversity, Vertovec felt that ‘super’ highlighted a multi dimensional reference of diversification covering a non ethnicity focus and more about fragmentation. So this would mean dropping the predictable referencing of diversity such as gender, race and faith for example.

The term super-diversity has, and is continuing to be adopted by many authorities, including the work of the Social Inclusion Process.

Super-diversity is hard to compare across country to country, as each has its own set of channels and status, Germany alone as 50 legal statuses which makes it a hugely complex task to analyse data.

The global challenges that are faced include patterns of inequalities and prejudice, segregation, multi-lingual societies and how individuals experience the space they are in and contact they receive.

Policy has its own challenges in delivering public services and integration into a community as each group of people they are different playing fields, so its hard to assume that everyone will be reached.

Vertovec also added that there is a constant lag between adapting to change or not. How we think about diversity and respond to it, this is only going to get harder to keep up with.

Check out Professor Vertovec’s work, in particular the interactive data visualisation.

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