A view from the Future

In a bold move Professor David Cox, a member of the Social Inclusion Steering Group, has decided to give us a view from the future: 2020 to be precise.

Professor David Cox

He is somewhat iconoclastic in his views and opinions, and his strong views are laced with a generous helping of humourous comments.

Looking back from the future he tells us about a negative report that appeared in the Economist back in 2012. He reminds us that in 2011 we had riots across the city and that Birmingham was considered a second class city.

He then goes on to envisage how the City might look after the commitments and recommendations in the Green Paper have all been implemented.

Looking  back at Birmingham from 2020 he highlights what we have achieved. He points out that even in 2020 Birmingham cannot compete with China and the emerging markets economically, but we have been able to compete in terms of Social Inclusion and Social Cohesion.

He then begins a long and impressive list of the positive outcomes that have resulted in the implementation of the Green Paper commitments. The city is successful in attracting new industry and jobs, it is better connected and its citizens live vibrant and social fulfilling and inclusive lives.

A wonderful new vision of the City has emerged and David relates it in a stimulating and amusing way and concludes by reminding us that it all started here this very same CBSO Auditorium back in 2012.

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