Action group sessions

After David Cox finishes the delegates are urged to move on into their ‘Action Groups’ and the Bishop has urged them to come back with ‘Headlines’ from the future of how the city has improved in keeping with David’s approach.

People are now spilling out from the main hall eagerly seeking to locate their Action Group.

The Action Groups are based on the 7 commitments. The first commitment has been split into two making eight groups in total.

1.1 Support families and children out of poverty – helping socially excluded families

1.2 Support families and children out of poverty – inclusive growth approach

2.    Embrace super-diversity

3.  Protect the most vulnerable

Connect people and places

5. Create a city that values children and young people

6. Empower people to shape their neighbourhood

7. Address safety, isolation and loneliness

Once in their Action Groups members of the group will be asking questions such as:-

  • What is the key “news” headline for 2020 in relation to this commitment? This headline will be fed back to the closing plenary.
  • What’s the key elements of this commitment?
  • How to deliver the recommendations?
  • What will the measures of success be?
  • Who needs to be involved?
  • What is going to make a difference
  • What are the cultural/behavioural changes needed?

Notes are being taken and flip charts

used to record the myriad ideas that are tumbling forth.

People in the groups are also being urged to make a commitment indicating how they can help implement the Green Paper recommendations.

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