Action Groups – emerging ideas

The eight groups are proving very industrious, and flip chart paper is filling up with comments and ideas.

This is group 1.1 examining how to help socially excluded families. Discussions around ‘helicopter’ parents took place and the need to provide tailored flexible support for those struggling to cope.

Another comment notes that talent spotting is not always about education and qualifications.

Another group have examined what success looks like and have come up with notions such as people being able to try out different skills and that businesses are able to fill all their vacancies from young people.

But the discussion is not only taking place on flip charts and on paper

others are making using of more modern materials. Tweeting live the comments and suggestions that are being made to a world-wide audience.

Some have found the flip chart board too confining and spilled over on to the floor to capture their inspiration.




Coffee has been drunk, fuelling the synapses again and a further round of ideas has filled the air. Time has been against us yet again and people are being asked to reassemble in the main auditorium ready to feedback their findings in the feedback closing plenary session.

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