Making Birmingham a more inclusive city: Birmingham Social Inclusion Summit – 14th November 2012

The City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

Today we will be updating the blog live from our summit at the CBSO Centre, here in the heart of Birmingham.

The purpose of the day is to share the commitments and recommendations from the Social Inclusion Process and to encourage individuals and organisations to take up the “social inclusion challenge”. 

The Green Paper, which outlined seven key commitments, has been out for consultation for several weeks and many people have provided feedback and comment on it.

Today we aim to:-

  • Obtain stakeholder “buy in” to the commitments and recommendations
  • Identify who needs to do what to turn the recommendations into action
  • Start to develop action plans around each commitment and the recommendations that underpin them
  • Consider how to put into practice the recommendations for the cultural change needed to achieve the social inclusion vision

Your views count! Please join us by contributing to the conversation on twitter by using the #fairbrum tag and following us @fairbrum

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