Next Steps

Thanking Cllr Cotton for his response the Bishop then asked Jackie Mould to outline the next steps in the process.

Jackie reflected that the main work now was how to turn all the ideas that had emerged both from the Green Paper and the discussions today into action. Many many people have been involved and she echoed the Bishops call to keep this vital partnership of collaboration alive.

The next step is to turn the Green Paper into a White Paper and develop from it an Action Plan to enable us to implement its recommendations and take this work forward. After it is produced the Bishop will engage in a formal process with all our Partners to get their sign-up and commitment to engagement with it in order to bring about its recommendations.

Jackie said she was keen to keep this  network going, and we will be contacting you soon to enlist your help, support and ideas on ways to take this further.

We will be holding a further Summit in the new year to feedback where we are and get more input from you.

As Cllr Cotton mentioned we will be creating a new Challenge unit. If anyone wants to help or support us, with ideas, people, resources, even challenge, please get in touch.

Many of the processes will continue the Blog fairbrum will still be going, as will our presence on twitter. So please remember: your views count! Continue to engage with us on the journey by contributing to the conversation on twitter by using the #fairbrum tag and following us @fairbrum.

Please stick with us and make sure you continue to work with us, as we journey on to make this Social Inclusion Process happen for Birmingham.

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