New Eastside City Park due to open 5th Dec – will it fit the bill?


The new Eastside City Park (Photo Birmingham Post)

One outcome from the Social Inclusion Process research was the fact that many residents pointed to the lack of open and green spaces in many areas of the city. They suggested that  we need to develop new approaches to regeneration and development to ensure that neighbourhoods are designed so that more parks and open spaces are included in plans.

This is captured in the Green Paper Commitment four: Connect People and Places, under recommendation 4.3 Develop more open spaces and community assets

So it is therefore a happy coincidence that on Wednesday night  (5th Dec) Sir Albert Bore will formally declare the new £11.75 million Eastside park  open on behalf of Birmingham City Council. Interestingly this is the city’s first new park in 130 years!


The new park takes shape (photo Birmingham Post)

The new park stretches from the city centre into Eastside, past Curzon Street Station and on to Millennium Point.

The park provides some 14,300 square metres of landscaped green space, and also includes some 310 trees, formal lawns, public squares and a 188-metre canal feature which incorporates 21 jet fountains.

Splendid though it sounds, how effective will it be in addressing the above Social Inclusion recommendations? Our research revealed that many residents were looking for more local green spaces. We know that many people don’t come into the city centre very often as travel costs, especially bus fares, are an obstacle. So, will this new park fill the stated need for more community space? What do you think?

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