A time for change: building resilience

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We live in interesting times, with far-reaching tangible impacts on our communities. Many of them struggle to meet their basic needs even in the best of times. Not only are we facing the continued threats to our wellbeing by the on going affects of the recession, the impact of funding cuts on services, now there is the Welfare Reform to add to the burden.

More people need a social safety net to battle the daily storm that faces them. The Making Birmingham an inclusive city white paper outlines the need for change and to build community resilience to help bridge the gap between the least and most affluent of the city, by supporting the most vulnerable families and individuals to greater wellbeing.

During this time of austerity, public bodies, businesses and community-based organisations need to adopt policies that will help communities, families and individuals to build resilience, particularly those suffering from the worst effects of the recession and public sector cuts.

Ten Ideas for Change: Local growth and resilience is a recent online article giving ideas to rally local resources and expertise around targeted action that will help mitigate further inequality and exclusion:

1. Develop community-supported industries

2. Create a national fund of funds

3. Localise for growth

4. Launch a neighbourhood health watch

5. Create the conditions for the city as ‘urban workshop’ or cultural hub

6. Identify the challenges

7. Develop and partner with financial co-operatives

8. Assess and develop the strength of local networks

9. Embed a resilience approach into all council activity

10. Knit local social fabric back together

Are you already doing this? Or do you have any ideas that can help build the city’s resilience?

Please contact us by email to fairbrum@birmingham.gov.uk, visit our blog atwww.fairbrum.wordpress.com or join the conversation on Twitter @fairbrum #fairbrum

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