Superdiversity – keeping up with the pace of change

by Funchye

For public and private sector organisations a like it has been at a snail’s pace to make the policy and service changes needed to provide new communities with valuable  support.

Over the last decade there has been an unprecedented change in the UK population and the speed, scale, spread and diversity has exceeded anything previously experienced.

Birmingham is already set to be one of Britain’s largest minority-majority city, has seen change in the nature, complexity and distribution of its population as it enters a new age of superdiversity.

But adding to the city’s accolade of being a leader, Birmingham will be host to the first UK institute devoted to research focusing on superdiversity.

Following Birmingham Social Inclusion Process, Giving Hope Changing Lives, it has become clear that the opportunities and challenges associated with Birmingham’s rapidly changing and diverse population have not yet been fully realised.

The Institute for Research into Superdiversity (IRiS) a University of Birmingham and Birmingham City Council partnership will be making its official launch in June 2013 at an invitation only event.

by Diamond Glacier Adventures

IRiS will bring researchers, policymakers and practitioners  together to make organisations more agile and responsive to the challenges and opportunities associated Birmingham’s transformation.

Both Birmingham City Council and IRiS will ensure that research in the city and across the world can answer important questions in relation to the connection of migration, faith, language, ethnicity and culture helping to shape the future of  Birmingham and other superdiverse locations while placing IRiS and Birmingham at the forefront of research into superdiversity.

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