What’s past is prologue: Birmingham 2050

The fourth Birmingham 2050 Scenarios Report: What’s past is prologue: Birmingham 2050 was published last week.  Kate Cooper founder of the New Optimists forum explains the report.

We  published our fourth report last week.

In it, I argue that a literal greening of our city has a major part to play in creating a Birmingham 2050 that is a huge joy to citizens as well as challenging many an outsider’s view that it’s a dire place to live and work.

I also argue that if we green the city, we will be doing so much more too.

Whatever Birmingham’s long-term strategic plans are now, they need to be robust enough to withstand the global challenges we’re facing, and flexible enough to be changed in the light of unpredictable, as yet-unimagined events, “wildcards‘ outside our current view.

It’s easy to turn away from these challenges, hoping that somehow we’ll muddle through or that someone else will do the right thing so everything will be fine once again.

Another strategy, a positive one, is that we face the reasoned pessimism head-on, deem it as ‘an inconvenient truth‘, and make decisions based on the probability that we are indeed facing the very survivval of many millions, if not billions of people – maybe ourselves too.

Making the seemingly inevitable evitable requires radical system changes to social infrastructures — and this doesn’t necessarily mean doom, gloom and misery. Far from it!

What next? We’re busily engaged in getting funding for youngsters to create multimedia ‘stories from the future’ based on the Forum work.

We’re also planning other Forum activities, still with Birmingham 2050 in mind. There will be work on biodiversity in the city, plus other stuff on distributed energy. Watch this space!

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