“Place Matters” photos – story so far!

Last week we launched the “Place Matters” photo project.  The Fairbrum team give an update on progress so far!

As part of the engagement process for Birmingham’s new Neighbourhood Strategy, last week we launched “Place Matters” a photo project designed to capture images of the city’s diverse neighbourhoods from different perspectives.  The aim of the  project is to build a collection of images to show what is distinctive about different neighbourhoods across Birmingham and what local people value in their local environment.

We have been asking people to send us images anyway they can (via Social media, email or through the post!).  We have had some really positive feedback about this approach and has even been highlighted by the University of Birmingham Institute for Local Government Studies as a novel way of engaging with residents to encourage active participation.    The projcet has caught the eye of everyone from the Birmingham Conservation Trust, to local neighbourhood forums.

Taking stock after the first week, we thought we’d share some of the images so far.  These are not all of them.  You can keep up to date with the latest submissions on our Flckr page, facebook page or tumblr page.

It seems a number of images seem to focus on the value of open space as long as it is kept tidy as shown in the photos submitted by @fieldfriends and @traceythorne Twitter below.  With @fieldfriends saying  “Having and protecting a large, open, accessible green space is so important for a ‪#‎community‬. ”

Maypole Playign fields

Pebble Mil. Field Friends

Others have pointed to that events that bring people together are most important in local neighbourhoods.  Such as these photos submitted by @b31voices  @janTchamani and @DI_chcha

Northfield Beach

B14 6SW over 50s space

A final category seems to be photos where people feel neighbourhoods could improve their look, either by making better use of dericlt spaces and buildings, or responding to resident queries about things that need improving.  Such as these from @AASaif and @Kagey_infohub

Abandoned building Digbeth

Adnan Saif

Digebth blank wall



So what do you think?  Why don’t you get clicking and send us your pics!!

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