Have you had your say yet?

Have your say on building a better future for Birmingham’s neighbourhoods. The summer of dialogue to help shape a new neighbourhood strategy for Birmingham is well underway, but there is still plenty of opportunity for you to contribute. 

A green paper “Transforming Place” –  has been drafted and can be downloaded –HERE

There are some key questions in the green paper that we want to hear your opinion on?

And you can do this by a variety of ways:

Here on our blog: http://www.fairbrum.wordpress.com
In writing to:
Jackie Mould/Ifor Jones
Giving Hope Changing Lives
PO Box 16253
B2 2WS

By email:fairbrum@birmingham.gov.uk
Via Facebook www.facebook.com/fairbrum
Via Twitter @fairbrum or use #fairbrum

Telephone the Challenge Unit on 0121 675 3499

Or you can attend one of our local dialogue events taking place across the city

Tues 13th  Aug 13
10.00am -1.00pm
Hall Green
Sparkbrook Community & Health Centre
Wed 14th Aug 13
9.00am -12.30pm
Selly Oak
Stirchley Community Centre
Thurs 15th Aug 13
1.30pm – 5.00pm
Hodge Hill
Ward End Library
Fri 16th Aug 13
1.00pm – 4.30pm
Stechford Cascades
Tues 20th Aug 13
11.00am – 1.00pm
The Factory (Young People’s Event)
Thurs 22nd Aug 13
12.00pm – 3.30pm
Newtown Community Centre
Thurs 29th Aug 13
10am – 1.00pm
Hawkesley Community Centre  

Feedback from the local dialogue events will help shape how we work together to make all our neighbourhoods great places to live and work.

Of course don’t forget about our exciting “Place Matters” photography project  where want residents to upload pictures of their local area  to build a collection of images to show what is distinctive about different neighbourhoods across Birmingham and what local people value in their local environment.

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  1. Thank you for this opportunity. I have 2 comments to make. Firstly, every neighbourhood has its needs, though in some it may be more obvious than in others, so I do not agree with the idea of designating areas as areas of particular deprivation. For example, with 75 people chasing each job, unemployment at every stage of life, at every level of education, and in every sector is a real problem in EVERY area of the city. Another example is, Birmingham has not signed up to the Dublin ‘Age Friendly Cities’ declaration, yet older people (over 50) have very real needs and high level social exclusion issues wherever they live. And 40% of Birmingham people have never used a computer, yet everything – event this feedback system – is online! This needs to be addressed.

    • Thanks Jan for your comments

      They have been fed into the process and we will contact you further once the period of dialogue has come to an end.

      If you have any further thoughts please let us know

  2. graham

     /  13th August 2013

    hi it all seems simple to me
    a) BCC needs it strategy
    b) neighbourhoods need
    a cause- around which to gather. Locals will find this them seleves (e.g tennants, or rubbish or a park or youth club or bus route change etc)
    volunteers to help support the cause.
    A venue
    professional support

    C) BCC has to provide
    district based independent full time support officers who can understand local issues, help focus the energy, advise on local group structure,constituion, banking venues,networking ,advertising,then advise and help on funding…finally liase with BCC.
    Thats it in my view
    its as simple as BCC support and help with finding funding are the key.
    Dont give funding help/advice and most groups will fail.
    dont give professional support and they will fail.

    • Thanks Graham for your comments – we think keeping it straightforward and simple is coming across as a key message of this process.

      Your comments ahve been fed into the process and we will contact you further once the period of dialogue has come to an end.

      If you have any further thoughts please let us know

  3. I’ve just posted a (fairly lengthy and in depth!) response to ‘Transforming Place’, on my blog, at http://thisestate.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/2-cheers-response-to-transforming-place.html
    Hope it’s helpful.

  4. ann gallagher

     /  22nd August 2013

    interesting that there are no sessions in the evenings or at weekends or even lunchtimes ?surely people who make be at work 9-5 are part of this ? otherwise -retired unemployed sick can attend -others ?

    • Thanks Ann

      We fully understand your concerns. However we have only limited resources which to do the face to face consultation, and wanted to undertake them across the city. We have held some of the sessions in the evening and at weekend, but as you quite rightly point out most have been in the day. This in part was so we could hear off the various community organisations that work in the areas on a day to day..

      We have also given other ways to contribute to the process – through this blog, through email, by post or by phone call. So there are many different ways people can contribute.

      Thanks for taking the time to reply

    • Jan Tchamani

       /  25th August 2013

      Hi. To have a city where things are equal, we need more police, and a more rapid response to calls to Police 101. We also need better protection on public transport. People need to feel as safe as possible.

  5. Jan Tchamani

     /  25th August 2013

    There are areas where the social housing, street furniture and green spaces have been neglected in favour of areas in the city centre/areas the council want the tourists and business community to see. This also needs to be addressed. The best way to help with green spaces would be to support local food-growing and friends of parks groups. Have a look at Project Dirt (.org.uk) and Birmingham Open Spaces Forum’s excellent new website for ideas. The best way to help with social housing upgrades would be to consult with residents’ associations. There are all kinds of low-cost, eco-friendly, creative ways to do a place up. In ‘Incredible Edible Todmorden’ (Yorkshire), vandalism has virtually stopped.


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