Free social media advice for local groups


Low Hill Social Media Surgery via Podnosh

Low Hill Social Media Surgery via Podnosh

The Birmingham based social media movement has teamed up with the BBC to run their long standing Central Birmingham Social Media Surgery from the BBC Mailbox.

It means you can now get free practical help in how make the best use of social media for your cause or group from BBC staffers and local bloggers – all volunteering their time for free.

The first surgery to be run with the BBC will be on September 17th at 5.30 pm to 7.00 pm at the Mailbox. You can sign up here for a place:

What to expect?

If you’ve never been before, surgeries are aimed at local community and voluntary groups and charities. They are deliberately relaxed. No lectures or presentations.

You’ll be introduced to someone who’s experienced in using social media and they’ll talk to you about what you’re trying to achieve – then start showing you things that might be able to help. You’ll be free to ask as many questions as you like and apply it to helping you achieve what you want to do. If you want to set things up there and then, you can do that too.

If you already have experience of using social media come along for extra help – or (if the surgery is busy) you might even be asked to share your skills with someone else. If you want to help a local charity, you can sign up as a “surgeon”.

Things you may not know about the social media surgery movement:

The first surgery for community and voluntary organisations was run in Birmingham on October 15th 2008. The organiser, Nick Booth of Podnosh, only ever meant it to be a one off, but people enjoyed it so much they did it again and again. So far there have been 147 different places running surgeries – most in the UK, but some afar afield as Kathmandu and Vancouver. More than 4000 people/organisations have benefited.

The movement is not funded. Some surgeries are run with financial support from local public services, but there is no single grant to make it happen.

Last years the surgeries received a Big Society Award from the Prime Minister, another award from Oxford University and the European Union for Innovation in a Networked Society and this year a National Adult Learners Week Award.

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