New Victim’s Charter for Birmingham


This week saw the launch of Birmingham’s Victim Charter which sets out to improve the experience of victims of crime and anti-social behaviour.

Birmingham’s Victims’ Champion, Cllr Jess Phillips was appointed in June 2012 and following extensive consultation with victims of crime, statutory sector providers and the voluntary sector, developed the first Victim’s Charter for the city.

The charter contains a series of recommendations that partner organisations have signed up, which will give victims the respect and support that they deserve during what is a traumatic time.

As a victim of crime you will expect to receive a minimum standard outlined in the Code of Practice:

  • to be taken seriously
  • treated with kindness when reporting an incident and thereafter
  • treated with dignity, respect and to be treated fairly
  • to be referred to Victim Support and/or specialist providers for additional support
  • to be kept up to date
  • to be offered the option of a contact plan
  • listened to, regardless of agency and not passed around
  • and know where to go if thing are not right and how agencies can be held accountable

Baroness Helen Newlove, Victims’ Commissioner for England and Wales congratulated Birmingham on becoming one of the first cities to introduce a Victims’ Charter affirming an important commitment that a real difference can be made to meet the need of victims.

At the launch Cllr Jess Phillips emphased that the interests of a victim of crime or anti-social behaviour must always be put forward whenever any incident is being investigated by public agencies and the charter will ensure this is the case.

During the same event, a video outlining the aims of the Vicitms’ Charter was also premiered: 

To find out more visit Birmingham Community Safety Partnership or download the charter and an accompanying Directory of Victims’ Services Victims-Charter-Directorate-011013-v3.

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  1. Jan Tchamani

     /  14th October 2013

    Page not found, is what my computer is telling me…

  2. Dear Jan. Sorry about the delay, I’ve uploaded the document directly into the blog post. Let me know if there are any more problems.

    • Jan Tchamani

       /  17th October 2013

      Thank you sandviper1! I was impressed by your quick response. I was part of Victim Support’s research project into victims with mental health issues and discrimination recently. Do you know about that? The B’ham VS office could fill you in if you haven’t come across it, which wouldn’t surprise me when there’s so much for you to wade through in terms of research!

      • You’re very welcome Jan. I’m passionate about this and feel it’s important that the information is shared as widely as possible to give victims fairer treatment.

        You’re write I’m not aware of the project and would like to know more. Message me or drop me a line on

    • Jan Tchamani

       /  17th October 2013

      Not being funny, but who do you go to if you’re being discriminated against by ATOS? They refused to send me a form big enough to read and write on. It was my MP who helped out. Labour Group office.

  3. Sorry I don’t, but I could ask round for you?


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