Cllr Cotton


Cllr John Cotton, Cabinet Member for Social Cohesion and Equalities, at Birmingham City Council is now addressing the Summit. He has welcomed everyone to the event and is discussing the previous Summit held here when we were joined by colleagues from Europe.

He explains how the Social inclusion process has continued to develop since the last summit, he pointed out that Birmingham is not the second city but the premier provincial city in the UK. Since the last event Birmingham has held a major National Social Inclusion symposium. Following that symposium, Leaders from across the country are now working together to see how they help create real Social Inclusion across the whole country.

Another activity undertaken by the Social Inclusion process during the summer was the engagement  with local people across the city, asking local residents for their views on what should happen in their neighbourhood and how they can contribute to the creation of a Neighbourhood Strategy. During this process many people sent in photographs which for them identified their neighbourhood.

Another activity was the piloting of the first Business Summit in Shard End working with Alcoa and trying to address how businesses can work together to help address youth unemployment.

Another outcome was the creation of the Birmingham Fair Money campaign which has resulted in local money lenders complaining about its work as it is taking customers away from them. A clear indication of its success.

Cllr Cotton also informed people of the newly launched Stand up for Birmingham campaign and encouraged delegates to support it.

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