Next steps and concluding remarks

The Bishop sums up the event and looks forward to the next Summit.

The Bishop reminded us of the need to stand up for Birmingham. We need to not only take account of the impact of the cuts but also look positively at releasing local assets.

He reminded us that the themes addressed today only give us a glimpse of a few of the recommendations from all those listed in the White Paper.  He pointed out that these topics were but a drop in the ocean of what is possible.

The Bishop reflected on what can help to keep us motivated on the long journey to Social Inclusion? He suggested we need to convince people that there is still too much exclusion and deprivation in the country. We also need to continue the approach we have taken. We need to realise that Change is the new reality. Things can continue to get better slowly but surely.

For the future we need to reflect on our current way of working. We need to consider if the  Steering Group is still fit for purpose? Are these Summit still a valid way of operating? Are all our Partners still engaged, and should there be others? Are our Partners pulling their weight and doing enough? Also how do we keep the expertise of the Challenge Unit team engaged? What is the way forward? How do we sustain leadership for this project?

The next Summit will take place in January so please submit ideas of how the process can continue via fairbrum site or contact the Bishop, Cllr Cotton or Jackie Mould.

The Bishop often recommends a book at the end of the Summit and this one was no exception. His book for this Summit is:-

Scarcity: Why having too little means so much [Hardcover] – By  Sendhil Mullainathan and  Eldar Shafir.

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