Summit Syndicate Sessions

Delegates have fanned out from the impressive Kingston Theatre and are now heading to one of four syndicate sessions where they will have the opportunity to discuss a range of topics:-

Session 1: Business and the community working together to improve local outcomes

This session will outline how local business, Alcoa’s community team works in partnership with local organisations and groups and how its corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme is being used to improve the local area.

Session 2: Locally based community organisations working together to address loneliness and isolation in neighbourhoods 

This session will update delegates on the development of a network of “places of welcome” across the city and how they are taking an asset-based approach to providing information, contact and assistance to local residents, particularly those who are new to a neighbourhood or to the city, and building community through the relationships that are built.

 Session 3: Not-for-profit lenders working together to protect the vulnerable

Birmingham Fair Money is an initiative to provide an umbrella brand for the not for profit lenders in Birmingham to jointly challenge the for profit financial services providers, including the high cost lending sector.

Session 4: Working together to support inclusion in a superdiverse city

The session will be lead by the Institute for Research into Superdiversity (IRiS)  works to advance and promote the University of Birmingham’s expertise in the emerging field of superdiversity. It is the first institute in the UK and one of the first globally to focus on superdiversity

This session will set out the key issues for inclusion in a superdiverse city, followed by discussion on how to address the opportunities and challenges posed.

These sessions will be written up and produced in the Summit Report after the event.

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